5 / 12 2016

Personalize apartment

Many middle-aged homeowners far Russia still remember the film ironically fate erstwhile tragicomic when talking about the apartments located on identical to every little detail. The question for each person to use creativity and apartments today is: why not personalize your apartment can range?


Apartments, long or whether construction has recently handed over new, high-end or budget, will also bring in their self-control of the structure of the building, the height of navigation, technical regulations and solutions dividing … other than individual houses.

Creativity brings a personal touch, the distinctive character of each apartment so more or less bound, demanding furniture solutions must take the construction methods, materials, lighting … more spontaneous when taking spatial processing or townhouse villas.

“The hard ló the wisdom”, in some apartments, a personal touch is reflected in the small corner arranged, the pieces, decorative or handle objects whose owners and designers can rotate handle. At least, the innovative nature of this individual makes enough difference in the share capital.

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