5 / 12 2016

Modern kitchen for small apartments

For maximum savings, the area of the apartments are modern designed kitchen and adjacent living room. Most apartment kitchens are “problematic” and handling extremely difficult and complicated …

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About worship, in fact texts Kitchen profession, whether Han Nom or are indispensable question (the substance): He East deducted from or destined Apple gods military government … Cung Dinh Kitchen full moon happy, st A or ceremony god of wealth, worship the ancestors, if not time to ask Apple to lead troops, even major holidays, devotion is also ineffective.

Feng shui taking bookings kitchen stove to change direction goods except ear damage, enhance air transport for the home. Feng Shui Grand Master Yang Quan Bat Tse Tung famous galaxy with the title “Ocean Hospice” by applying business Apples help poor rice no warm clothes.

Bat blame feng shui kitchen design in two systems united East and West blame blame.

Accordingly, the apartment doors, windows and air get light from the north, south, west and northwest (East blame), put the kitchen in one of the directions: North East, West or Southwest .

Apartment doors, windows and air get light from the northeast, southwest, east and southeast (West blame), put the kitchen in the direction: South, North, Southeast or East Main.

Special attention, stove placement to avoid the supply: Qian, Pig, Ren, Doi, Kun Yi and supply.

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