5 / 12 2016

Green garden corner apartment

Renovated from the old boarding house with the investment cost savings, but the house has brought a lot of inspiration for people in the garden thanks to the green.


“When you go home, maybe people do not need anything but a quiet space and a corner of the garden”

The project located in a quiet alley in Tan Phu District, HCMC. The landlord owns several properties in the city center but still choose to live this place because of the surrounding environment friendly and quiet, with older people.

Once renovated, architect retained largely structural as well as the layout of the shelter, only liberation front and open more around the house to the garden between green covered from the kitchen, the living room to the bedroom.

Homeowners should live with their mothers the entire living space are located on the ground floor. Only he and his workroom preventive bedroom was moved upstairs. From the desktop, he can still sweeping towards the living room and kitchen as well as a corner beneath the garden.

Living area using a glass brick wall and light while creating a conventional curtain, making the house not too separated from the other inn neighborhood residents wall blocks. Every day, the landlord can still see the shadow they go on and vice versa.

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