5 / 12 2016

Gardens townhouses

The house is not large area, located in the alley, but is full of greenery, light, sun, wind …; there is even a hanging garden on the first floor corner again.


House in the alley (just enough to avoid another two motorcycles) but quiet, with a lovely courtyard can easily be furnished: this morning the coffee table, the other flap welcome … Solution architecture architecture are healthy tuck geometric shapes together. On the ground floor, living room and kitchen designed to form an open space. Upstairs, the bedrooms are divided according to demand of each member, each with a railing watching external bract. An empty field behind the combine around skylights, helped cool the house more. At the head of the house, a blue frame is carved from white concrete front stairs to catch the wind.

And buffer space inside really like a corner of the garden between the head lights, trees and wind the sewing machine – favorite tool of the owner. The use of the design is to create the user space utilities just to close to nature, fun and poetic. The materials are natural wood colored, white or gray to light public spaces, while highlighting the intertwined flowers pots indoors.

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