5 / 12 2016

Designed to open the copy?

The design for a house to allow ventilation is always an important issue. You can put outdoor air into the house through open windows in a reasonable manner. To do this, understanding the mechanism of wind movement is very important. Natural wind tends to move from high pressure areas to low pressure areas.


Therefore, the opening must be calculated on the public and see the wind go out yet. The arrangement should allow space ventilation for all living spaces in the boxes, doors and windows with large-size accordingly. Usually in the town house ventilation needs wise calculation creates convection in the house.

Usually the door to greater wind air outlet. In the limited area of ​​the city is often obscures the two sides, the open atrium is an important part of the solution to make up for home ventilation.

Air intakes to the home should be placed at the head wind and at the foot of the wall. Meanwhile, the door to escape the wind should be placed downwind and at higher points in the room. Improper layout, the atmosphere is still moving, but the user does not see the effect of cooling.

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