5 / 12 2016

Construction Consulting

Construction consulting concepts job description manuals, analyze and recommend ways of construction, construction standards, building materials and issues related to the management process to build a housing project pretty.

thiet ke xay dung

Construction Consulting is a consulting type of diversity in the construction industry, architecture, urban planning and rural development … has a close relationship with the investment consulting, implemented consulting stints followed after the of investment advice.

Construction Consulting helps clients – investors build – to organize the construction survey, construction design and organization of bidding for the procurement of equipment investment, construction bidding, construction supervision construction and acceptance of work completed. Normally, for projects public utility, the only investment advisory firm and built to undertake the work from start to finish.

Construction consulting engineer who is qualified, professional to carry out the construction consultancy. In Vietnam, in order to practice building Consulting Engineer should have a practicing certificate, must have a minimum of 5 years in the field of construction and the amount of work was involved to be big enough.

Construction consulting organization is the specialized unit, operating independently and legally serve customers under contract. In countries around the world, these organizations

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