5 / 12 2016

Brightening to the tube

Due to its small size, narrow, the tubes should always require the most innovative ideas of the architects of light, either natural light or artificial. This is a problem quite “powerless” against the current urban residents.


Enlist gaps of alleys and golf school next door, the walls surrounded as it was replacing a system combining blue walls. Natural light from the sun and wind that easy to get inside the interior, liberating vision for homeowners.

Glass and mirrors are used a lot in the house to create a spacious feeling and better light transmission. From the main entrance to the separated bedroom with balcony are entirely from toughened glass material. The mirror array is also present in the kitchen as well as role-door wardrobe has contributed allelopathic disadvantages of an area in the view. Light brown color of kitchen cabinet system also contribute to color balance.

Staircase area is also of concern when arranged carefully around skylight below and each landing were lam installations or outdoor glass doors opened. The required setback of the facades of buildings are secured to the bedroom are fairly generous balcony.

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