Top Quality

With the desire to create quality works, durable packaging. We always put quality first.

Advanced Human Resources

Our team consists of engineers, skilled architect in the industry. We believe that with the professional team.

Technology Abroad

Our company is proud to partner technology transfer of large construction corporations globally.


As one of the enterprises with construction experience in the construction industry leading. We have been investors in foreign countries as well as appreciate the capabilities and design experience. With extensive experience and professional staff, we will give you the best service.

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Our services

Architectural design

You are experiencing problems related to Architecture - Interior - Building a new home for your family.

Interior design

Interior design consultant is indispensable in the construction of each home, office ...

Construction supervision

We have more than 8 years in the construction of its industrial and civil infrastructure

Construction Consulting

Construction consulting designed to help clients build and organize bidding.

Implications beautifully designed space


Modern bathroom design

House plot outside the city focused on the traffic layout, performance, space saving, space also needs the toilet layout and […]
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Gardens townhouses

The house is not large area, located in the alley, but is full of greenery, light, sun, wind …; there […]
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These projects are implemented

Victor apartment
Design projects

We are pleased to cooperate and become the official designer for the Victor apartment building.

Museum of Glass

We use the most advanced technology to bring modern features and optimize the application for the project.

Gio for travel
Construction supervision

With experienced workforce, our expertise will bring a perfect work.

Resort Golden Day
Thiết kế nội thất

We are pleased to bring to the refined interior, environmental friendly resort Golden Day.



Geometric charm

Geometric lines seemed monotonous and rigid, so that when applied to interior design to create a…

5 / 12 2016

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